Lukas Bangerter was born 1971 in St. Gallen, Switzerland. After art-school and a diploma a the school for psychiatric nursing he was educate as an actor at the University for Theatres in Berne. After his studies he became a ensemble member at the “Theaterhaus Jena” in Germany, where he also directed his first productions.

In the year 2000 he founded the theatre company PLASMA in Zurich. As playwrighter , director and stage designer he produced many award-winning Productions with this company, who was invited to festivals in Seoul, Paris, Cairo, Teheran, Lublijana, Mumbai, Neu Delhi, Dresden, Leipzig, Berlin, Oslo, Skopje, Kiew und Dublin and so on.

Beside other works as director and actor he was professor at the Norwegian Theatre Academy in Fredrikstad, Danish National School of Performing Arts and the Bern University of the Arts and director at the “Schauspielhaus Wien” in Vienna.